Last Update — 03.10.2018

Hi and Welcome to my WorldDX Page at WordPress.
Thank you very much for visiting my page and blog. Feel free to look around and enjoy my web.

This website is dedicated to Radio and TV.
Here you`ll find Frequency Tables and links on Radio TV websites and non-radio related stuff.
Our blog page will contain same stuff as other pages of this website.

My QTH: Europe, North-Western Region, Vyritsa, Russia. Grid: KO59DI
Listener`s Call: UA1006SWL

Link: http://worlddx.ml/ — WorldDX AM FM Radio Club
Link: https://worlddx.wordpress.com/ — WorldDX AM FM Radio Links
Link: http://vk.com/clubworlddx — Local FMDX News
Link: http://facebook.com/groups/worlddx.club/ — AM Radio Club
Link: http://facebook.com/groups/mwdxclub/ — AM Radio Club
Link: http://groups.io/g/worlddx/ — WorldDX newsletter

Link: http://sm2byc.ddns.net:8073 — SM2BYC
Link: http://sk6ag.ddns.net:8074 — SK6AG
Link: http://kiwicam.sk3w.se:8073 — Sk3W
Link: http://www.mwlist.org/ — MWLIST
Link: http://www.mediumwave.info/ — MWLIST
Link: http://www.worldofradio.com/ — DXLD
Link: http://www.g1vvp.co.uk/ — G1VVP
Link: http://hfradio.org.uk/ — G4UCJ
Link: http://bclnews.blogspot.com/ — bclnews
Link: http://www.ndblist.info/ — ndblist
Link: http://www.udxf.nl/ — UDXF Forum
Link: https://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/
Link: http://www.topazdesigns.com/ — AMBC Source
Link: http://www.dxing.info/ — DXing.info
Link: http://www.swlingpost.com/ — SWL Post
Link: http://www.radionova.fi/ — Radio Nova
Link: http://www.radiocity.fi/ — Radio City
Link: http://www.radioaalto.fi/ — Radio Aalto
Link: http://www.litefm.se/ — Lite FM
Link: http://www.radioskonto.lv/ — Radio Skonto
Link: http://www.starfm.ee/ — Star FM
Link: http://www.hitfm.ee/ — Hit FM
Link: http://www.romania-actualitati.ro — Radio Romania Actualitati
Link: http://radio.rcc.jp/ — RCC Chugoku AM 1350
Link: http://www.jolf.co.jp/ — NBS AM 1242
Link: http://www.radiodacha.ru/ — Radio Dacha
Link: http://www.veseloeradio.ru/ — Humor FM

73! WorldDX